Logitech MX518 Gaming mouse review

This review will be based on my experience with the best Gaming mouse I ever had – The legendary “Logitech G5“, and another top one that I’ve used for a couple of years – “Steelseries Rival 300

The end of my loved G5arrived after a few great years of gaming where the cored went (word) and the mouse stopped reacting. That was a heart breaking moment that I remember to this day.
I switched it momentarily with a terrible wifi mouse and right away searched for a Gaming mouse that will respectfully replace my lost G5.

After a long research reading websites reviews, Forums and YouTube videos, I decided to by the Steelseries Rival 300.

When measuring the mouse in the store (while it’s in the box), I told myself that it is a fine mouse, it felt like it. And actually, as a tool and as a gaming mouse – he surely is among the best.

Free shipping, 30 Days Return & Exchange, No Color Fading! No Stone Falling!

Programmable buttons and DPI

The problem started right after I opened the package and connected the USB cable, I felt it in the first second: The material was top notch, the movement smooth like butter, but the length… Was a bit too long for my palm.

I was using the Steelseries for a couple of years now but never got use to it. it always felt like it’s not suitable for me, already acknowledging it’s going to be replaced as soon as possible.

And so it was, A discount on the MX500 (on Amazon) was posted on one of the PC hardware websites I’m following and I jumped on the find and waiting anxiously for it’s arrival.
Two weeks later the mouse is sitting on my table with a green screen behind it, waiting to be unboxed.

Once I opened the box I was disappointed to find out my expectations were too high.
With the Logitech G5 I had a box with weights to change the mouse weight accordingly.
Pulling out the mouse off the package I immediately felt the difference in the material quality compared to the Steelseries mouse, the MX518 was inferior as the plastic felt a little bit cheap. It was also very light, for the good or the bad, depends on your own preferences (reminiscing the weights again), another thing that botherd me was the cable. For some reason I have the feeling this mouse won’t last too long, not long enough until I’ll be in the same place as with my first Logitech mouse… Seems like the low quality cable suits Logitech as they didn’t think about changing it to a much suitable one.

But the good side, it fit in my hand like a glove, it’s argonomy is perfect for any hand and it is fairly accurate when in use.
I use it mainly for gaming, and the difference between the “low material quality” and the “too long mouse” are felt.

Free shipping, 30 Days Return & Exchange, No Color Fading! No Stone Falling!

The look – a matter of taste I guess

Even though my expectations were not met at all,
I really feel satisfied everytime I put my hand on the mouse, and If I had to choose between the MX518 and the Steelseries mouse, I would definitely go with the MX518!

It’s the almost perfectly balanced argonomy and weight and the size of the mouse that fits small / medium hands like mine. The accuracy when playing games, I really feel like it gave me a push to my sniping and overall skill in a high paced FPS multiplayer games.

With all the above that seems more negative than positive, this game is the mouse to go to if you have small/medium hands and you care about precision and want to have a light weight mouse.

Free shipping, 30 Days Return & Exchange, No Color Fading! No Stone Falling!


  • Accurate
  • Light weight
  • Perfect argonomy
  • Fit in small/medium hands perfectly
  • 8 Programmable buttons and DPI


  • Can’t change the weight as his uncle could – the Logitech G5
  • The material quality could be better
  • The cable doesn’t look/feel like will hold for long
  • Not that fancy looking compared to its rivals
  • No LEDs

Final Score: 7.5

Get the mouse here:


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