Why do you need a VPN service!

Why do we need a VPN service?

A VPN service (Virtual Private Network) provides us with identity protection, making sure our personal won’t reach into the wrong hands (or any hands, in that case, depends on the VPN service). With encrypted communication between your computer and the net, you can surf without worries about being tracked by anyone.

NordVPN in that matter is one of – if not THE BEST in protecting us from others trying to get their hands on our identity, whether its a hacker or any other website and even the government.


One example of mass lawsuit threats over *filesharing occurred in 2011 back when thousands of people have been reached out for downloading the movie of “The Expendables” – with the request to pay between 2000$ to 3000$ instead of being suid.

Here it is:

There are many incidents that occurred over the years where file-sharing activists were caught, and some were put to shame in the public.

These incidents and others could not happen in case they had a VPN service.
(*NordVPN does not support nor recommend p2p, the mentioned above is brought as an example by the author of the post)


So, why should you choose NordVPN over other VPN services?

First, because NordVPN is the no’ 1 rated on PCMAG as shown in the screenshot below.

nordvpn screen shot.png
Who’s the best?

It also protects you if encountering a torrent website, for some reason…

nordvpn torrent
A relief, eh?



With NordVPN you get the most for your money with:

  • “Quick connect” service where it’s automatically finding the best servers at the moment.
  • reliable encryption whether you are at home or connected via a public WIFI.
  • Speedy internet connection where NordVPN offers servers in 60 countries.
  • Location locked content – not locked anymore if connected from the right country, you are free to choose by yourself.
  • “Kill Switch” – Sensitive data not exposed even for a brief moment.
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30 Day money-back guarantee


It’s important to note that not every VPN service gives you what NordVPN does, especially free VPN services when the protection shuts-off ones you reach the maximum data transfer allocated to your account.

Some paid VPN services don’t protect your identity either when surfing p2p websites, don’t block ads, not allowing multiple connections at the same time (on different devices) and do not have many servers available to connect to as with NordVPN.

So what do we get from all of this – a VPN service is a MUST! on every device that is connected to the internet whether its a computer or a smartphone. our data is available for all unless we use decent protection that covers us and doesn’t cost much.

NordVPN is varied with its pricing, just to make sure you know what’s best for you, and you can always get your money back in 30 days.

Every so often they come out with a major discount, check them out frequently or Like their Facebook page to get updated.

The sooner you’ll decide to protect your identity – the better.


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