Kinguin “Crazy Weekend” +”Ninja Pack”

The free games train isn’t stopping.

Kinguin is kicking another weekend of free games lottery style while giving you there free “Ninja Krowns” every 24 hours.

Crazy Free Weekend
Free Games Evert Weekend

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Every hour you have the chance to win 1 or more games (depends on how many Krown coins you have), the winners are shown annonymosly in the buttom if the contest page.

Some of the games that won were “Company of Heroes”, “For Honor”, “Doom”, and so on…

If that’s not enough, you can “Claim Ninja Pack – Founder Edition”, which means that you claim 3 pack mistery random gaming goods for 250 Ninja Krowns, You can than claim or shred them for more Ninja Krowns.

Claim 3 Gaming Goodies

G2G Limited - Go2Games

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If you decide to purchase a game, you just need to move around the website until a pop up window will offer you a 3% discount for any purchase, just like that.

And if we’re talking about games, these are the hottest discounts on Kinguin:

G2G Limited - Go2Games

One thought on “Kinguin “Crazy Weekend” +”Ninja Pack”

  1. Kinguin is kicking the second weekend of free games lottery mode when offering you there complimentary”Ninja Krowns” every 24 hours. Some of those games which won were”Company of Heroes”, “For Honor”, “Doom”, etc… If that is not enough, you can”Claim Ninja Bundle – Creator Edition”, meaning that you claim three bunch mistery random gambling products such as 250 Ninja Krowns, You can then assert or shred them to get longer Ninja Krowns.


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