VR Headset#1 Google Cardboard

The VR for Dummies Series

Part 1

As Facebook won the battle to purchase Oculus back in March 2014 for $2 Billion, Google came up with their own VR solution to the masses and gave everyone a glance at what to expect from the VR world – Google Cardboard.

Although it is far from providing a mesmerizing experience like the pc based VR headsets, it’s a good experience for those who want to try VR at home with almost no cost.

Best Buy Co, Inc.

From a pricing range of $1 for a simple cardboard VR headset to a few dozens of Dollars for a more sophisticated higher quality material on the same principle, you can enjoy your phone VR capabilities and the apps available on the digital stores.

You can also get some accessories to simplify the gaming experience and get a wireless controller from various types that are available mostly on Chinese websites.

How about making your own Google Cardboard headset with the “Google Cardboard Kit“!

Google wanted to bring the VR experience to the masses, and also to the manufacturers!

With an open source PDF manual every person with enough will can make his own standard or modified Google Caedboard from a cardboard found on the street, Google also allow to sell it without copyright infringement and start your own business if you can make people buy your handmade headsets.

Google Cardboard I_O 2015 Technical Specifications
Image taken from the DIY kit PDF

Best Buy Co, Inc.

One more thing to note is that you don’t have to download any app to experience VR with Google Cardboard, you can just go into YouTube from your phone, search for VR 360 videos and you will be able to enjoy some great materials available for free, for example:


You can watch videos in this specific channel on 4k, if your phone support it (The only one currently available with 4K is “Sony Xperia XZ2“)

The only Smartphone supporting 4K


Of course there are Pros AND Cons for everything, and it goes like this:


  • Cheap
  • DIY
  • A quick entrance to VR with no hassles
  • Support every smartphone (Gyroscope required)
  • Low requierments
  • 3rd party accessories support (BT connectivity)



  • Limited FOV (Field of view)
  • Smartphone screen Pixels are visible and it takes out much of the VR quality (Unless the screen support at least 2K)
  • Phone may not be perfectly positioned inside the headset and it is unpleasant for the eyes (In some headsets there is space to reposition the phone using your fingers without opening the headset cover
  • The quality of many apps (if not most) is questionable
  • The experience is much limited comparing a high end VR headset PC/standalone base
  • No built in headphones

Get a low cost VR Google Cardboard style headset or jump right in the the big league and test out what a VR high end experience has to offer. (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc..)

Stay with us for future content on VR

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