A new Humble Bundle came out

If you haven’t yet heard of Humble Bundle, its about time šŸ™‚

Its a digital store like any other, the thing that makes it different than other stores is offering a monthly Bundle of (Some AA games) games (but not only games) ranged from 1$ to 15$, where you choose how much of the money is going to CHARITY!

For example, past bundles included the following:

(This is a pick from different bundles)

*The ARMA series since Operation Flashpoint to ARMA3, Overwatch, Dark Siders II, Sniper Elite 4, Destiny 2, Dead Rising 4, Mafia 3, Dues Ex Mankind Divided, Outlast, Dark Souls 3, And many many more..


These month new bundle starting with 3 games where the rest will be revealed in the near future:

Hitman – The complete first season

7 Days to die

Hollow Knight



You can purchase the complete bundle right now or wait until the rest of the games will be revealed.


If you are not interested in Games, you can check out the other 4 bundles offered:

*Make electronics 2018 – A humble book bundle

*”Head First” book bundle

*Humble comic bundle

*Vampire humble RPG book bundle


All of them are starting with the price of 1$ up to 15$, pay how much you want!


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