3 Free Steam Games – Worth a try

Occasionally we hear about Free Games giveaways for a short period of time and than they go back to their original price. If you can’t afford the price you may need to wait until the game get a discount for a more reasonable one.

Instead, I offer you this very small list of games free to install on Steam that WORTH playing or at least a check out before your’e about to make any purchase (The list is randomly numbered)

1# The Culling


A Battle Royal game that was published on 2017 (was released as a beta prior to it)

,tried to be different with a pretty user friendly crafting system, but far from having a solid combat system and was laggy as hell, It also doesn’t have firearms but only wooden/metal weapons (and other items) you can craft from your findings.

The company dropped the price to absolutely 0$, that’s why you should at least check it out and give it a try, you may find it neat.

2# Ring Of Elisyum

download (1)

A new born and a very impressive (Beta) Battle Royal game who look and feel like PUBG with different settings, a few users in the Steam comment section say its even better than PUBG in its current beta state.

I am personally, addicted.

3# Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Did you Ever.. in your life time… thought about NOT purchasing CS:GO?

Well, in case you did, why don’t you just try the FREE Version which let you play against bots (only) in Offline mode (only), eh?

Please, go ahead dear,

and if you finally decide to purchase the game, you can use THIS LINK to buy at a lower price. (or just get it on Steam with the link in the head line (“3#”).

Its enough gaming hours to try out, I will post more Free to Play games that Worth playing in the near future.


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