A worthy “Slayer Bundle” at Fanatical


The bundle niche websites are skyrocketing with amazing gaming packages to buy at zero cost comparing the MSRP and even comparing when they are discounted.

One of those websites digital stores is Fanatical.com,

Its latest offering is the “Slayer Bundle” with 3 tiers options to purchase with all of them pretty cheap.

In the first tier for 1$ you will get:

“STYX – Master of shadows”, “SoulBlight”, “Mooseman” & “Carmageddon – Max Damage”


2 Tier – 8 Games for 4.99$ You will get:

The quality game “Day of Infamy”, “Mordheim: City of the Damned”, “Savage Lands”,  “The Sexy Brutale”, “Tropico 5”, “Sky Break”, “Super Cloudbuilt”, “Tower 57”



In Tier 3 for 6.99$ you’ll also get the following (Including all of the games we mentioned so far):

“Medieval Kingdom Wars”, “Bombshell”, “SongBringer”, “The lion’s song – Season pass”, “The painscreek killings”


This one looks like a fine piece of a bundle,

Though checking the gameplays is always recommend before making a purcahse.



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