4 Free Games on GOG

The free games phenomena is hitting waves in the last years,
every digital distribution store who want to get some new fans is offering free games in return for user registration or just for (already) being registered.

This time GOG a DRM-free store offers 4 Classic video games who at least one of them (in my personal opinion) worth a look, lets check them out:

Shadow Warrior Classic Complete
From the creator of “Duke Nuken 3D”, this one sure a look alike and will take you back to the late 90’s.

Tyrian 2000
Brought to us by “Eclipse Software” and published in 1995,
This is a scrolling shooter pc game, if you like the genre you make have some good time with this one.


Another (horizontal) scrolling shooter game made by 3D Realms, Apogee Software, & WizardWorks.
This one also sends us back to the good old days before we even knew what a mouse is and played with the keyboard arrows.


Bio Minace
Remember “Dave”? well, that’s not it.
But surely feels like it with the horrible gory deaths when am awkward creature jumps at you.
For all of you out there who miss a 2D shooter

Download these before the offer is over,
And until the next time (I guarantee there will be)

Enjoy 😉

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